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Reading Australia: Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence


Short Stories

“Under Skin, In Blood”. Overland Literary Magazine, Vol. 203, Winter 2011. 

“The Space Between Us”. 10 Short Stories you must read in 2011. Australia Council: Surry Hills, 2011.


Selected Guardian articles

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Bungaree: the First Australian – review

Indigenous Australians understand the cynicism exposed by events in Ferguson

Shutting remote communities is false economy

My Team Australia

Indigenous Recognition: the concerns of those opposed must be taken seriously

Hereby Make Protest – review

Life & style Fashion Indigenous fashion week: putting the bush into boutiques

Aboriginal humour: ‘the flip side of tragedy is comedy’

Black Diggers – review

Mystery Road – Sydney film festival review



The Laws of Australia, Chapter 1 – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders