• Achieving Social Justice

    Larissa Behrendt attacks the chasm which has grown between Indigenous lives and aspirations in Australia, and the psychological terra nullius which continues, despite Mabo, to pervade so much of Australia’s mythology and policy.

    She proposes longer term, aspirational initiatives leading to institutional change that will facilitate greater rights protection and the exercise of self-determination, including:

    • a preamble to the Constitution
    • a treaty
    • the national self-image
    • economic redistribution
    • alternative institutional forms
    • regional framework agreements
    • a more energised politics
    • Constitutional protection.

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    "Larissa Behrendt is intelligent, insightful and articulate. … She is one of the rising young stars of the next generation of Australian indigenous leaders … she deserves to be listened to. … her book is so good that it demands to be read. "

    Law Society Journal

    "... a clear and unambiguous statement of what is wrong with the status quo from an Aboriginal perspective. It helps to define the unfinished business of reconciliation."

    Fred Chaney